If you have any questions about the festival please feel free to reach out to the Wilfest team! We are here to help you and make your experience count.


Q. Where can we find accomodation for the festival? What is nearby?

Wildfest doesn’t have a fixed agreement with hotels or holiday houses, but there are holiday homes, B&B’s, hotels and a camping nearby. The venue is easily reached with public transportation.

Q. Is Wildfest handicap friendly

The answer is yes, the venue is wheelchair accessible, the toilets are on a level floor and we allocate a little area at the side/front of stage for you to enjoy the music.

Q. When is the running order announced?

We will announce this when the day ticket sale will go live on January 5th.

Q. Will there be food available at Wildfest?

Yes, there will be a variety of choices from local foodstrucks.