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General conditions

  • Tickets are not refundable. Use applications like ticketswap or similar to sell your ticket.
  • The loss or theft of the festival ticket is the sole responsibility of the buyer and lost or stolen tickets are neither replaced nor refunded.
  • The ticket holder must comply with the Belgian ‘Act regarding the Sale of Entrance Tickets to Events’ (Belgian Official Journal of 30 July 2013).
  • Rescheduling or line-up changes will under no circumstances give rise to a partial or full refund. Under no circumstances shall the organiser be liable for the interruption, discontinuation and/or cancellation of the festival due to force majeure (e.g. exceptional meteorological circumstances, illness, death or absence of an artist).
  • Festivaltickets for Wildfest are available through, through members of the band Wildheart and at specific presale points. Festival and other tickets purchased on the street or on auction sites may be blacklisted and are invalid.
  • Tickets must not be used for commercial or promotional purposes or issued to a third party without the prior written consent of the organiser.
  • Ticket forgery will give rise to criminal prosecution.
  • The organiser(s) reserve(s) the right to verify the buyer’s identity at any given time.
  • Access to the festival will only be granted to the first person to present the original ticket. As a result, holders of duplicated or photocopied tickets will be refused access.
  • It is strictly prohibited to perform any promotional or commercial activities on the festival grounds without the prior written consent of the organiser. Without the written consent of the organiser, any commercial use of the name or logo of the festival or billed artists is strictly prohibited. Handing out flyers, publicity leaflets or any other type of promotional materials is prohibited.
  • The official sale of T-shirts and souvenirs is limited to the actual festival grounds.
  • Entering the venue implies acceptance of all preventive and monitoring measures the organiser or security personnel deem necessary, including potential frisking and bag searches. Festival goers who fail to comply will be ejected or refused entry.
  • Recordings are made during the festival. As a result, visitors may be filmed. By attending the festival, visitors give their express consent for their likeness to be included in any audiovisual recording to be exploited by the festival and its media partners. The festival site is subject to camera surveillance in accordance with the Act of 21 March 2007.
  • The organiser and co-organisers, if any, shall not be liable for any damages or personal injuries sustained in the festival and in the car parks either before, during or after the festival.
  • The artists, the organiser and co-organisers, the national railway company NMBS and public transport company De Lijn shall not be liable for any damages, loss, theft or accidents that may occur.
  • Additional personal arrangements involving travel, food and accommodation made on the buyer’s own initiative are at the latter’s expense. The festival shall not be liable for wasted expenditure beyond the ticket price and the associated booking fee.

The Groundrules

All ticket holders must pass through security to gain access to the festival. Please note you may be frisked at the entrance and our security staff may want to search your bags or backpack. Visitors who refuse to comply will be refused access to the festival. If – by accident – you do carry prohibited items these will be confiscated and you can get them back at the end of the festival. If these items are criminal by nature, we will alert the local authorities.


  • non-drinkable liquids and gels in packagings up to 100 ml, with a maximum total volume of 1 litre
  • empty camel bags
  • basic cameras without interchangeable lens
  • mobile phones, smartphones and tablets
  • sunglasses, hats, rainwear, telescopic umbrellas that don’t end in a pin
  • spikes up to 1 cm
  • cigarettes and lighters
  • plaid or blankets to sit on, folding stools and chairs with a maximum height of 55 cm
  • medication and special food (bring a valid prescription and try to avoid hard containers).
  • guide and assistance dogs for visitors with a disability


  • non-drinkable liquids and gels in packagings larger than 100 ml
  • drinks & beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic)
  • glass, cartons, cans, glass and plastic bottles
  • drinking horns (all sizes)
  • professional photographic, audio(visual) or other recording equipment, GoPro cameras, selfie sticks, tripods and drones. Cameras with an interchangeable lens are also prohibited. If you would like be accommodated as photographer or press please make you request through the contact page of this website.
  • drugs
  • candles, torches, fireworks, explosives, flares, Bengal-lights
  • sharp objects, chains, knives & other weapons
  • bullet belts and spikes bigger than 1 cm
  • benches/folding chairs higher than 55 cm
  • inflatable items (paddling pools, balls, chairs, crocodiles, boats, …)
  • coolers, dry ice
  • camping equipment, luggage
  • laser pointers
  • mess tins and drinking bottles, filled camel bags
  • large backpacks (height more than 45 cm)
  • prams and (collapsible) strollers
  • flagpoles, parasols, non-retractable umbrellas ending in a pin
  • bicycle pumps, skateboards
  • pets
  • any other object the organiser may deem dangerous


  • engaging in commercial activities: it is strictly forbidden to deal drugs, sell food or drinks & beverages, tickets, etc.
  • engaging in promotional activities: postering, handing out flyers or any other type of promotional material.
  • blocking the emergency exits: emergency exits must obviously be kept clear at all times


Clothing and/or other (visible) distinguishing marks advocating extremist views or expressing sympathy for a political or social movement or group: bad idea. All other outfits: the dafter the better.

The organiser can adjust/expand this list at any given time.